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North Boca Raton Campus Programs

Transitional Program: Ages 2-3

This program is for children ages two to early three years old who have not yet accomplished the self-care skills. This class is a great opportunity for young children to be introduced to the Montessori Method and the Environment. With the low teacher-student ratio of (1-7), children are gently introduced and supported in acquiring many independence skills. In addition to these skills they are also introduced to basic academic concepts. The routines and the teaching methods are similar to the 3-6 classes, thereby making the move to the older group a smoother transition.


Pre-Primary & Kindergarten Program: Ages 3-6

This program is guided by Montessori certified teachers. Students explore the prepared environment with the uniquely designed Montessori materials. Using these self-directed, self-correcting, hands-on and concrete materials, the children explore their world and learn the steps towards abstract concepts.

Our classrooms have the five Montessori areas which are: practical life, sensorial, math, language, and cultural studies (which include geography, history, science, and other aspects of culture).

Each child works at their own pace whether working independently or in a group setting. This allows each child to feel successful and challenged at all times. By the time a child has completed a three-year Montessori Pre-Primary and Kindergarten Program they most likely will be reading, practicing math concepts in the abstract, acting as a mentor to younger children and be focused enough to concentrate and complete tasks happily.

In addition to the Montessori curriculum, Spanish and Computer classes are offered as part of the weekly school program.

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